24th Annual


Fall River Mills, CA

  • Pancake Breakfast Pancake Breakfast Carbs, yumm!
  • Perfect riding weather Perfect riding weather On a perfect day in the Fall River Valley
  • History Everywhere History Everywhere Come and see our historical barns (and home-made fences)
  • Watching the world go by Watching the world go by Who are all these strange people?
  • Shasta daisies Shasta daisies We are all flower children here
  • The Fall River Valley at dusk The Fall River Valley at dusk The purple mountain's majesty
  • Mt Lassen Mt Lassen In all its glory
  • Pancake breakfast Pancake breakfast With lots of chaperones
  • Sadlle mountain straightaway Sadlle mountain straightaway I want to live here!
  • Mt Shasta and Cindercone Mt Shasta and Cindercone One of the many stunning views to witness on your ride
  • Winter in McArthur Winter in McArthur It's not always sunny in our beautiful valley
  • Mountains and hills and benches Mountains and hills and benches And lots of old homesteads
  • Lost in the woods Lost in the woods DEEP in the woods
  • What's so funny? What's so funny? Taking a much-needed break
  • The Loner The Loner No better place for solitude
  • The best of friends The best of friends At the best time of the day
  • A memorable sunset A memorable sunset And a different one every day





Sag Wagons - Mechanics - 2200-4000 ft
Well Stocked Rest Stops - Cool Mornings
200K, 100 Mile, 100K, and 25 Mile Rides
Day time temperatures about 10 degrees cooler than Redding

Ride Date: Saturday, July 21, 2018

Limited to 500 Riders plus 100 registrants on the day of the ride.

Register early!!

   Fall River Mills is nestled in a pristine northeastern California valley. The area offers many opportunities to ride in solitude with commanding views of two of California's famous volcanoes: Mt Shasta to the northwest and Lassen Peak to the south. We've planned a spectacular ride for you on a great route that capitalizes on this and other scenic wonders of the area.

   Again this year the pre-ride breakfast will be included in the registration fee.

Modified Routes, Better Pavement!
   The century and double metric routes have been changed slightly to take advantage of newly widened and rebuilt Highway 299. Check it out!

Intermountain Grown!
   On the fairgrounds Friday 5:00pm 'till dark, this event will showcase local farm products like beer, beef and wild rice. Also present will be artists of the area to display their surprising creations. Live music is provided at no extra charge! Beer is a farm product, isn't it?

Kathi Corder Photo

Pancake Breakfast Before:
   The Willis Hollenbeck Post, American Legion, will make a pancake breakfast available the morning of the ride. For registered riders the price is included in the registration. Additional breakfasts can be purchased for $5.00. Expect a hearty, excellent meal!

Dinner After:
   As in previous years Chef Travis Hickey (of Crumbs Restaurant in McArthur) will be providing you with a first class meal. The main dish will be slow cooked brisket. There will also be appetizers, side dishes, dessert and beverages. As before there will be a vegan/vegetarian option for the main dish.

Start Time:
Everybody may start at 7:00 am  (no later for the two longer rides). 100k riders must start no later than 8:00 am, and 25 mile riders must start no later than 9:00 am.


These jerseys are back and will be available on the day of the ride for $65.00.

Here is a QuickTime video of the 2005 ride courtesy of the Inter Mountain News.

Hope To See You There!!!


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